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City: Shawnigan Lake
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Age: 51
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About me: I'm a 6ft Harley riding country guy who lives in the mountains on the West coast of Vancouver Island and I have been single for awhile now but I have not been trying to find a girlfriend to spend time together.All my life I have been a bit of a slut (for lack of a better word) lol. I have seen quite a few girls Masturbate in front of me even total strangers who have taken me aside and stripped and masturbated and it gets me so hard and horny lol I love watching girls who loves to play with themselves and seeing their faces when they are cumming it is such a turn on.I am just looking for someone who is interested and willing to let me watch her in her bed and playing with herself and cuming I realize that this is a private thing that I am asking for but I can guarantee and promise you that it is not for anyone else to see unless you want to. And I also wish to find a female friend who is interested in joining me for some mutual Masturbation